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Worse five playoff teams ever

Michael Jordan 1986 - Dick Raphael / NBAE via Getty Images

# 23 Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls in the opener of the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals Playoffs quarter 1986. Dick Raphael / NBAE via Getty Images

When I found that sports a simple rule. Playoffs are for winners. Period.

This year, the NFC South has to produce a playoff team. The Champion Division does not have a winning record. To quote the great Jim Mora as he coaches the Indianapolis Colts' playoff? You talk about playoffs? "

Things were much easier 50 years ago. In 1964, Cleveland finished 10-3 in East and West Baltimore finished 12-2.

That was it. Both were directly NFL Championship Game, in which the Browns beat the Colts 27-0. There was no number. You should only for the winners.

It was the last time that the city of Cleveland won everything. OK, the system was not perfect. What has happened in the Baltimore West?

In the NBA, they had 4 of 9 teams in the playoffs. They all had to win to win records with the Boston Celtics the championship.

It was a bit dicier this year in the NHL. These are the days of the original six; four have made the playoffs. Detroit sneak in a game in 0500 and reached the final, where they lost to Toronto. But at least the Red Wings had a winning record.

In the endless pursuit of more money, more and more teams to the playoffs, including a plurality of shame triggers this year as NFC South, especially when you consider that a 11-5 team to another department could not.

Now, some homeless people who do not have to be granted the party. Call it "the worst 5 playoffs" the

5. Seattle Seahawks 2010

Until this season, the Seattle Seahawks in 2010 had the distinction of being the only team to lose in the NFL playoffs with a record. The Seahawks captured the NFC West title with a record of 7-9 pounds. And to prove that their first playoff game against the New Orleans Saints before losing to Chicago was won.

4. The 1981 Kansas City Royals

The 1981 in Kansas City are the only team in the baseball playoffs are losing a record, 50-53. Fans math right, it was not a full season game 162. 1981 was shortened a year of strikes. Unlike the Seattle Seahawks, the Royals have not won a playoff game. They were swept by Oakland.

3. San Antonio Spurs from 1987 to 1988

The San Antonio Spurs are the class of the NBA these days, but in the years Robinson-Tim Duncan David Wiese winning seasons were rare. In 1987-1988, with a record of 31-51 awful that somehow the playoffs. They are devastated by the Lakers have not won a game

2. The Chicago Bulls from 1985 to 1986

The Spurs were unable to overcome, or all, of the Chicago Bulls from 1985 to 1986. They won only 30 games, while still losing 52 of the worst playoff record for a season of 82 games. A winning percentage of 0.366 wonderful. And that was with Michael Jordan on the team. The Bulls were swept in the playoffs in Boston.

1. The Toronto Maple Leafs from 1987 to 1988

And ever "win-lose" it has the Toronto Maple Leafs from 1987 to 1988. They managed only 21 games 80 win! Of course, the links in the NHL, but seriously? However, the Leafs did better than all the bad playoff teams above. They won two games, eventually losing to Detroit in. 6

So there you have it: Teams losing in the playoffs, but none of them come close to a championship win. Just think of all the money they made for their owners as well. That's what the playoffs are really all about.

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