Tuesday, June 16, 2015

One and Done

Kentucky - Wildcats.jpg Gregory Shamus / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

Gregory Shamus / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

It was a record. 7 Kentucky Wildcats announced that the college for the NBA fell. This is the current state of college basketball.

It is a slogan. "One and Done". Great names of the University took this path. Why go to college for four years, when the wealth of the NBA invite? Some of the famous "One and Dones" are Kevin Durant, who spent a year in Texas and Carmelo Anthony, a year in Syracuse.

But Kentucky was "One and Done" Tool recruiting firm. Hey, let's go to Kentucky. We have the best players and we should remain friends with them for long. To be fair, seven Wildcats who were interested in the NBA draft does not explain freshmen. Some are "Two and Through" and one of them is "Three and See Ya". "Of course, all this has the NBA rule that the players until 19 and one year of high school are doing. Commissioner Adam Silver said it would raise the age of 20. In fact, players left NBA go directly from high school to the NBA. But why? It was fine for a galaxy of stars like Kobe and LeBron.

The truth is that age is just a number. The extraordinary talent.

But what is lost in this discussion makes in college basketball? There is no doubt that the game "is not what it once was", and must be the reason that children do not spend four years in school. I am happy to be the first voice, TV Great Eastern Conference in 1979-1980.

And people like Patrick Ewing, Chris Mullin and Eddie Pinckney every four years at school. And what's more they were the same four years. Think about what has to cook the team cohesion and rivalries.

So like any other gray beard instead yearn for the "good old days", I will offer a guide for "One and Done" generation.

So with a nod to David Letterman, here are 10 reasons why staying in Kentucky would be better to play for the Knicks:

No. 10. In Kentucky, you have a chance to win it all. In the Knicks, all lose a distinct possibility.

No. 9. Knicks paid a lot of money and must be reported as income. In Kentucky, you will not be paid, at least not in the books.

No. 8. In Kentucky, who played a pep band during games. In the Knicks have a number thunder ridge please "make noise" friendly.

No. 7. In Kentucky Actress Ashley Judd is an Superfan and get to kiss her. Madison Square Garden you get close to cuddle with Spike Lee.

No. 6. In Kentucky get to enjoy the victory to 38 times a year. In the Knicks, you can never 38 career wins to taste.

No. 5. In the playoff Kentucky called March Madness, that everyone sees on television. In the Knicks, when it comes to the playoffs, yup, you can also watch TV.

No. 4. In Kentucky they open their season game idiots like Pikeville and the Grand Canyon of easy victories. Time you Pikeville Knicks for the same reason.

No. 3. As a player the last time Kentucky won a title, your parents are shown in the high school play. The last time the Knicks won a championship, the parents were not even born.

In Kentucky # 2 "One and done" refers to his years at school. In the Knicks, and refers to any string of victories.

And (drum roll please) the number one reason to stay in Kentucky is better than playing for the Knicks: to study in the Knicks to his playbook. At the University of Kentucky. Study? What study?

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