Monday, July 13, 2015

12 painful sports injuries

It was a week of mishaps of the athlete. First, the current British Open champion Rory McIlroy is, was eliminated from the tournament for a football accident. He played with his friends in the North Island, where a tendon in the ankle broke.

Then there is the defensive end for the New York Giants Jason Pierre-Paul. It exploded in his hands fireworks suffering would have serious burns and possible nerve damage.

He could not have come at a worse time. Pierre-Paul and the Giants were in the midst of contract negotiations. The team has launched a $ 60 million. Can you blame them?

McIlroy and Pierre-Paul are not to suffer strange injuries on the court the first athletes. Here you have the option Dirty Dozen several other major airlines.

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Friday, July 3, 2015

What were the best sporting moments of the month?

I think the song Take Me Out to the Ball Game discriminate walks. Since this is you are at the old ball game one, two, three strikes. But what about one, two, three balls enter the old ballgame Reds? That's what happened Joey Votto. And no one noticed. Strange, is not it?

Brain barrier? Mathematics changed? Tuned to judge.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It & # 039; Undeniably Pete Rose made a mistake

Pete Rose - (Photo by Joe Robbins / Getty Images)

Former Major League Baseball Pete Rose participates in a basketball game between men Connecticut Huskies and the Cincinnati Bearcats at Fifth Third Arena February 6, 2014 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Cincinnati won 63-58. (Photo by Joe Robbins / Getty Images)

It was the spring of 1984, Pete Rose played for the Montreal Expos.

That was before. Players Coaches from his hometown Cincinnati Reds With a film crew in tow, we went to Pete for a place we were show for the game of the week NBC Pregame do to visit. It was a big deal at the time. He was the only national broadcast baseball whatsoever. So we went to Pete house and when I walked in the door Pete said, "Hey Len, what do you think of the Celtics think

Really I do not know how to respond. The truth is that I loved the Boston Celtics. He was one of their television boy play-by-play at 70, but Pete was requested. He was on the phone to place a bet on the Celtics playoff game that night. I'm stupid. Or rather, I simply naive. If it so cavalierly bet on a basketball game that barely a dollar or two at the fairs play that night, in which he played records. Or any other baseball game for that matter.

Let me say directly I love Pete Rose. It's one of my favorites on and off the field. I am one of those who believe that, even if he bet on baseball, which should be in the Hall of Fame. The goal is to get a baseball success. And no one has more hits than he. Case closed. In my head. But not purists. Look at the Hall of Fame, unlike other sports, this little morality clause you. It is there, in the voting rules for the Baseball Writers Association

The vote must be on the record player, the ability, integrity, fairness, character and contributions to the team (s) on which the player played based.

.. This little word integrity has followed as sporty and Pete from a few words, violates the first commandment of Baseball:

"You bet."

But not to improve its offer the performance, it was just against the rules. And I thought that he had a legitimate chance of recovery until the last pump: There is now evidence that betting on baseball as a player.

Also not a deal breaker for me, but I have a voice. And the truth is that Pete, the first day, had known to be placed on the wall in Coopers all his plate. But of course he did not. He continued to lie on its participation in Paris for 15 years or more. But then he had a book in the air, and the truth came pouring in.

Or is it? Finally, he admitted to betting on baseball, but he said he did as a manager. Well, it seems that the "truth" was a lie. And if it does not like a sports thing, it's a lie. They are funny that way.

So, to call in the tradition of Richard Nixon and Lance Armstrong, two, that's not the crime. It's the cover-up. So cooked my mindset Pete Rose. Yes, it should comply with the new Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred. And yes Rehabilitation tour includes his new job, working as an analyst for FOX Baseball. But in the end their lies upon lies about him.

Too Bad. His lies do not take away from his unprecedented achievements in the field.

Whenever I could give you information about other villains who are now in the Hall of Fame was located. But my Bloviating writers will fall on deaf ears.

It has the perfect nickname: Charlie Hustle. I just wish he had limited, stirring between the white lines.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

10 mistakes to NFL & # 039 to win; t allowed

Ray Rice - Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens in a preseason 2014 Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

The NFL is never wrong. Ask her. They are makers 800. gorilla you make the most money and never wrong. In fact, a lot of them, but never.

When the end of the Commissioner Pete Rozelle took the unfortunate decision to play games of the NFL, two days after the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963, it took decades to admit that he was wrong.

Everyone said it was wrong at the time. He always took just to come.

Fast forward half a century to Roger Goodell. When he a two-match ban Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice of domestic violence, which has been widely criticized. As a man blowing a marijuana cigarette was able to get 4 games a boy made his seemingly unconscious and dragging promised a lift is just 2? Well, I think the NFL is much more sensitive to criticism these days. Years ago I had basically saying "robust. They do not like to lump it." Not this time. It took a millisecond Goodell admit he is wrong. Therefore, sanctions are now much stiffer. As a lifetime ban for a second offense. Good for him. They recovered a bad in a big way. And they had to raise the bar when the video condemn attack surface of rice. He was released by Baltimore and suspended indefinitely by the NFL.

But like a dozen other errors NFL not admit?

1. Insert the full price for exhibition games

Uh oh, are not "friendly" are preseason games. And players who are on the bench in baseball caps in most games is called. These exercises are mixed and glorious Fans should be charged as such.

2. The regular season games in London and Europe

Who exactly what help? No fans or players who have to travel distances to ridiculous that NFL owners may eventually "develop their brand." Games should be read in the House, where the fans are.

3. PSL

Nothing more to personal than the fact that they greedy by greedy owners are saying safety licenses. The NFL states that have a value in the open market when you sell. Good luck with that.

4. The Redskins

It is now clear that many people are offended by that name and see it as a racial slur. I'm sure if you encountered a Native American on the street, would it not allowed "Hey redskin". Yes, it was the sports nickname for years, but as the Negro Leagues and all blacks were no longer issues.

5. concussions and overmedication.

These things are resolved in court. But the only reason I ended up in court because the league for years that they had claimed things under control.

6. Forcing affects the halftime of the Super Bowl for the privilege of playing pay

Two words. The blatant greed. The NFL is not enough money?

7. Withdrawal uniforms.

What is your destination? Nostalgia? Easy. It is up to the fans to pony up more suits. In fact, many jerseys back should be called ugly uniforms pull up.

8. In every Sunday

It was a wonderful expression of Sports. You never knew what might happen on a Sunday. How quaint. Now it is a given Thursday, Saturday, Sunday night or Monday night. Of course, the ratings are great, but what is the saturation point? Will we see NFL football 7 days our future?

9. Excess respond to problems caused the possible injury caused by excessive sanctions

Are we out of the flag football?

10. The Pro Bowl

Nothing to say.

That's just to fix a small list of questions from the NFL. Is it true? Nah. You would have to own up to the problems.

Latest Mr ....; What & # 039 Baseball: BERMAN

Alex Rodriguez - (Photo by Jim McIsaac / Getty Images)

Alex Rodriguez # 13 of the New York Yankees reacts after an attack against the Detroit Tigers at Yankee Stadium on June 19, 2015 of the Bronx in New York. The Yankees beat the Tigers 7-2. (Photo by Jim McIsaac / Getty Images)

It's a very exclusive club Alex Rodriguez has occurred. With one mighty swing of the bat, last Friday, A-Rod was the 29th member of the club of 3000 to success.

You know what that means? If you do, you tell me. Because I'm not sure.

It is used to designate an automatic transition in Coopers. No more. Rodriguez is the fourth member of the club that is not the Hall of Fame Baseball has chosen. Sure, you will not be eligible until five years after the end of his career.

Other Non-members are Pete Rose (banned), Derek Jeter (ineligible) and Rafael Palmeiro not enter because of his drug task.

Will Rodriguez, another drug user, never do? It is one of three "drug addicts" make in my book. I think Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, like Rodriguez, were automatic Hall of Fame if they had never touched the stuff. Only they know the psychology, why they needed to cheat. But Rodriguez may be in a class of its own.

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A few years ago I wrote a book entitled "The 25 best baseball player of all time." I do not want to be blamed for the options in the book when I a "blue ribbon" panel of former players, baseball executives and journalists to my requests for me. Big names such as Sandy Koufax, Yogi Berra and Cal Ripken Jr. has no cut. I do not yell at me. If you wanted a pitcher to the seventh game would certainly throw Koufax. But A-Rod is listed.

And it was after his first admission to drug use "principle" of his career.

Remember: that is recognized as the best shortstop of all time? The answer is Honus Wagner Pittsburgh Pirates. He played a century ago. During the 100 years that followed, no one is to be superior to Wagner. Rodriguez had a chance to be that guy. But to get from Texas and the Yankees reached in 2004, he was forced to third base because Jeter to move. And I think Rodriguez would have been, as have the greatest and no artificial enhancement.

But the story was written and Rodriguez was the longest suspension PED in baseball history.

I found the answer to Rodriguez, on his return to be surprising. In the game before reaching the stage, I had the opportunity to reach 3000 against the Miami Marlins. In the eighth inning, Yankees fans chanted "suck" and "asshole".

The biggest surprise? It was not designed for the A-Rod. The venom was directed at Dyson-- Marlins reliever Sam did not know anything about Rodriguez and walked on four pitches.

Affirms that old adage of baseball, as Barry Bonds was the most hated baseball outside the Bay Area man. But in San Francisco was the feeling: "It may be an unfortunate, but our influence." And when Rodriguez got hit its 3000 and just as it was a leap Stadium-- Jeter at Yankee received a standing ovation and curtain.

CLOCK: Rodriguez hit records 3000th

And that, my friends, is what to do with sports. Fans want to win. Period. And if contaminated a player can help get your team to the promised land, wink and nod, it's perfect for us.

But of course these crooks journalists have a slightly different view. You have baseball players to a higher level. Pete Rose? Although MLB puts him there is no guarantee that the authors have to select it (which I think is one of the leaders of all time, made) in Cooperstown. There was little lie that lasted for years. And A-Rod? Normally I would have a first Hall of Fame ballot. If Bonds and Clemens are signs, Rodriguez cool his heels for a very long time.

Now if you stopped voting for local fans .......

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Worse five playoff teams ever

Michael Jordan 1986 - Dick Raphael / NBAE via Getty Images

# 23 Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls in the opener of the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals Playoffs quarter 1986. Dick Raphael / NBAE via Getty Images

When I found that sports a simple rule. Playoffs are for winners. Period.

This year, the NFC South has to produce a playoff team. The Champion Division does not have a winning record. To quote the great Jim Mora as he coaches the Indianapolis Colts' playoff? You talk about playoffs? "

Things were much easier 50 years ago. In 1964, Cleveland finished 10-3 in East and West Baltimore finished 12-2.

That was it. Both were directly NFL Championship Game, in which the Browns beat the Colts 27-0. There was no number. You should only for the winners.

It was the last time that the city of Cleveland won everything. OK, the system was not perfect. What has happened in the Baltimore West?

In the NBA, they had 4 of 9 teams in the playoffs. They all had to win to win records with the Boston Celtics the championship.

It was a bit dicier this year in the NHL. These are the days of the original six; four have made the playoffs. Detroit sneak in a game in 0500 and reached the final, where they lost to Toronto. But at least the Red Wings had a winning record.

In the endless pursuit of more money, more and more teams to the playoffs, including a plurality of shame triggers this year as NFC South, especially when you consider that a 11-5 team to another department could not.

Now, some homeless people who do not have to be granted the party. Call it "the worst 5 playoffs" the

5. Seattle Seahawks 2010

Until this season, the Seattle Seahawks in 2010 had the distinction of being the only team to lose in the NFL playoffs with a record. The Seahawks captured the NFC West title with a record of 7-9 pounds. And to prove that their first playoff game against the New Orleans Saints before losing to Chicago was won.

4. The 1981 Kansas City Royals

The 1981 in Kansas City are the only team in the baseball playoffs are losing a record, 50-53. Fans math right, it was not a full season game 162. 1981 was shortened a year of strikes. Unlike the Seattle Seahawks, the Royals have not won a playoff game. They were swept by Oakland.

3. San Antonio Spurs from 1987 to 1988

The San Antonio Spurs are the class of the NBA these days, but in the years Robinson-Tim Duncan David Wiese winning seasons were rare. In 1987-1988, with a record of 31-51 awful that somehow the playoffs. They are devastated by the Lakers have not won a game

2. The Chicago Bulls from 1985 to 1986

The Spurs were unable to overcome, or all, of the Chicago Bulls from 1985 to 1986. They won only 30 games, while still losing 52 of the worst playoff record for a season of 82 games. A winning percentage of 0.366 wonderful. And that was with Michael Jordan on the team. The Bulls were swept in the playoffs in Boston.

1. The Toronto Maple Leafs from 1987 to 1988

And ever "win-lose" it has the Toronto Maple Leafs from 1987 to 1988. They managed only 21 games 80 win! Of course, the links in the NHL, but seriously? However, the Leafs did better than all the bad playoff teams above. They won two games, eventually losing to Detroit in. 6

So there you have it: Teams losing in the playoffs, but none of them come close to a championship win. Just think of all the money they made for their owners as well. That's what the playoffs are really all about.

10 great free-agent busts of all time NFL

Ndamukong Suh - Gregory Shamus / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

Ndamukong Suh No. 90 and then, by Ryan Wendell blocks to get to the Detroit Lions, who try # 62 and # 63 Dan Connolly of the New England Patriots during a game in 2013 in Detroit. Gregory Shamus / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

Ah, the off-season free agent NFL optimism abound, and the dream of dancing in the minds Super Bowl teams worldwide.

The winner this year was Ndamukong Suh. It ran from Detroit to Miami for a six-year $ 114 million, including an amazing extraordinary $ 60 million guaranteed. But before the Dolphins printing playoff tickets need to pray that Suh never made this list.

Here's my top 10 NFL free-agent busts of all time (in financial ascending).

10. Larry Brown (1996) - Five-year, $ 12.5 million

Fresh from winning the Super Bowl XXX MVP of Dallas in the strength of his two interceptions, he broke Oakland Raiders cornerback and made a big deal. $ 12.5 million was big return in 1996. The reward? Larry Brown has a game in two seasons for the Raiders started.

9. Neil O'Donnell (1996) - Five years, $ 25 million

Neil O'Donnell was the fourth loss in Pittsburgh in the same Super Bowl. But he drew the largest in the history of the Jets contract. He started only six games in 1996 and led the Jets to their legal history 15:01. He disappeared after the 1997 season (and all Beats The Wiz is well passed.)

8. Jeff Garcia (2004) - Four Year 4 $ 25,000,000

He would quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers consecutive playoff appearances, but when he arrived in Cleveland, played only 10 games and went 3-7. He had gone into the next season.

7. Adam Archuleta (2006) - Six years $ 30 million

After his stellar play up the St.

Louis Rams, Adam Archuleta was a coveted free agent. The Washington Redskins paid him the best safety in NFL history have made. He rewarded them after only seven games in his only season in Washington before they descended on special teams.

6. Dana Stubblefield (1998) - Six years, $ 36 million

In 1997, Dana Stubblefield was the Defensive Player of the Year San Francisco. Washington Redskins, who have had more busts that no free agents, a major contract gave him. After recording 15 sacks with the 49ers in 1997, he had only seven sacks total in his three seasons in Washington.

5. David Boston (2003) - Seven years, $ 47.4 million

In 2001, Arizona receiver David Boston led the NFL in receiving yards. He was two years later rewarded with a solid free agent by the San Diego Chargers. There were only half of the farms receive in 2003. In 2001, he had been suspended for one game for conduct detrimental to the team. He was in Miami where he quickly traded a drug test.

4. Deion Sanders (2000) - Seven years, $ 55 million

Neon Deion could be a Hall of Famer, but Washington still an idiot signing Sanders to rivals in Dallas have fired. He had four interceptions in 2000 and moved rapidly. Sanders unretired four years later, played two seasons in Baltimore before entering television.

3. Javon Walker (2008) - Six years, $ 55 million

The Oakland Raiders are the second biggest loser FreeAgent behind Washington. After an injury-plagued 2007 Denver, the Raiders have thrown the form of Mad Money Javon Walker. The wide receiver played the next two years in only 11 games and had a total of 15 outlets.

2. Nnamdi Asomugha (2011) - Five-year $ 60 million

Philadelphia Eagles have the greatest impact in 2011. They landed three-time Pro Bowl cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha of Oakland. The Eagles have hailed as a "dream team". The dream became a nightmare when Asomugha and the Eagles have won just 12 games over the next two seasons and could not make the playoffs.

1. Albert Haynesworth (2009) - Seven years $ 100 million

Congratulations, Washington. You win the prize of all the worst times of the free agent signing. The staggering contract for a defensive tackle in 20 games. It was out of shape, he took only 6.5 sacks and disappeared after two unsuccessful seasons.

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