Thursday, June 25, 2015

10 mistakes to NFL & # 039 to win; t allowed

Ray Rice - Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens in a preseason 2014 Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

The NFL is never wrong. Ask her. They are makers 800. gorilla you make the most money and never wrong. In fact, a lot of them, but never.

When the end of the Commissioner Pete Rozelle took the unfortunate decision to play games of the NFL, two days after the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963, it took decades to admit that he was wrong.

Everyone said it was wrong at the time. He always took just to come.

Fast forward half a century to Roger Goodell. When he a two-match ban Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice of domestic violence, which has been widely criticized. As a man blowing a marijuana cigarette was able to get 4 games a boy made his seemingly unconscious and dragging promised a lift is just 2? Well, I think the NFL is much more sensitive to criticism these days. Years ago I had basically saying "robust. They do not like to lump it." Not this time. It took a millisecond Goodell admit he is wrong. Therefore, sanctions are now much stiffer. As a lifetime ban for a second offense. Good for him. They recovered a bad in a big way. And they had to raise the bar when the video condemn attack surface of rice. He was released by Baltimore and suspended indefinitely by the NFL.

But like a dozen other errors NFL not admit?

1. Insert the full price for exhibition games

Uh oh, are not "friendly" are preseason games. And players who are on the bench in baseball caps in most games is called. These exercises are mixed and glorious Fans should be charged as such.

2. The regular season games in London and Europe

Who exactly what help? No fans or players who have to travel distances to ridiculous that NFL owners may eventually "develop their brand." Games should be read in the House, where the fans are.

3. PSL

Nothing more to personal than the fact that they greedy by greedy owners are saying safety licenses. The NFL states that have a value in the open market when you sell. Good luck with that.

4. The Redskins

It is now clear that many people are offended by that name and see it as a racial slur. I'm sure if you encountered a Native American on the street, would it not allowed "Hey redskin". Yes, it was the sports nickname for years, but as the Negro Leagues and all blacks were no longer issues.

5. concussions and overmedication.

These things are resolved in court. But the only reason I ended up in court because the league for years that they had claimed things under control.

6. Forcing affects the halftime of the Super Bowl for the privilege of playing pay

Two words. The blatant greed. The NFL is not enough money?

7. Withdrawal uniforms.

What is your destination? Nostalgia? Easy. It is up to the fans to pony up more suits. In fact, many jerseys back should be called ugly uniforms pull up.

8. In every Sunday

It was a wonderful expression of Sports. You never knew what might happen on a Sunday. How quaint. Now it is a given Thursday, Saturday, Sunday night or Monday night. Of course, the ratings are great, but what is the saturation point? Will we see NFL football 7 days our future?

9. Excess respond to problems caused the possible injury caused by excessive sanctions

Are we out of the flag football?

10. The Pro Bowl

Nothing to say.

That's just to fix a small list of questions from the NFL. Is it true? Nah. You would have to own up to the problems.

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