Monday, July 13, 2015

12 painful sports injuries

It was a week of mishaps of the athlete. First, the current British Open champion Rory McIlroy is, was eliminated from the tournament for a football accident. He played with his friends in the North Island, where a tendon in the ankle broke.

Then there is the defensive end for the New York Giants Jason Pierre-Paul. It exploded in his hands fireworks suffering would have serious burns and possible nerve damage.

He could not have come at a worse time. Pierre-Paul and the Giants were in the midst of contract negotiations. The team has launched a $ 60 million. Can you blame them?

McIlroy and Pierre-Paul are not to suffer strange injuries on the court the first athletes. Here you have the option Dirty Dozen several other major airlines.

Len Berman is a sports columnist for Sports It can be reached on Twitter: LenBermanSports

Friday, July 3, 2015

What were the best sporting moments of the month?

I think the song Take Me Out to the Ball Game discriminate walks. Since this is you are at the old ball game one, two, three strikes. But what about one, two, three balls enter the old ballgame Reds? That's what happened Joey Votto. And no one noticed. Strange, is not it?

Brain barrier? Mathematics changed? Tuned to judge.