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10 great free-agent busts of all time NFL

Ndamukong Suh - Gregory Shamus / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

Ndamukong Suh No. 90 and then, by Ryan Wendell blocks to get to the Detroit Lions, who try # 62 and # 63 Dan Connolly of the New England Patriots during a game in 2013 in Detroit. Gregory Shamus / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

Ah, the off-season free agent NFL optimism abound, and the dream of dancing in the minds Super Bowl teams worldwide.

The winner this year was Ndamukong Suh. It ran from Detroit to Miami for a six-year $ 114 million, including an amazing extraordinary $ 60 million guaranteed. But before the Dolphins printing playoff tickets need to pray that Suh never made this list.

Here's my top 10 NFL free-agent busts of all time (in financial ascending).

10. Larry Brown (1996) - Five-year, $ 12.5 million

Fresh from winning the Super Bowl XXX MVP of Dallas in the strength of his two interceptions, he broke Oakland Raiders cornerback and made a big deal. $ 12.5 million was big return in 1996. The reward? Larry Brown has a game in two seasons for the Raiders started.

9. Neil O'Donnell (1996) - Five years, $ 25 million

Neil O'Donnell was the fourth loss in Pittsburgh in the same Super Bowl. But he drew the largest in the history of the Jets contract. He started only six games in 1996 and led the Jets to their legal history 15:01. He disappeared after the 1997 season (and all Beats The Wiz is well passed.)

8. Jeff Garcia (2004) - Four Year 4 $ 25,000,000

He would quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers consecutive playoff appearances, but when he arrived in Cleveland, played only 10 games and went 3-7. He had gone into the next season.

7. Adam Archuleta (2006) - Six years $ 30 million

After his stellar play up the St.

Louis Rams, Adam Archuleta was a coveted free agent. The Washington Redskins paid him the best safety in NFL history have made. He rewarded them after only seven games in his only season in Washington before they descended on special teams.

6. Dana Stubblefield (1998) - Six years, $ 36 million

In 1997, Dana Stubblefield was the Defensive Player of the Year San Francisco. Washington Redskins, who have had more busts that no free agents, a major contract gave him. After recording 15 sacks with the 49ers in 1997, he had only seven sacks total in his three seasons in Washington.

5. David Boston (2003) - Seven years, $ 47.4 million

In 2001, Arizona receiver David Boston led the NFL in receiving yards. He was two years later rewarded with a solid free agent by the San Diego Chargers. There were only half of the farms receive in 2003. In 2001, he had been suspended for one game for conduct detrimental to the team. He was in Miami where he quickly traded a drug test.

4. Deion Sanders (2000) - Seven years, $ 55 million

Neon Deion could be a Hall of Famer, but Washington still an idiot signing Sanders to rivals in Dallas have fired. He had four interceptions in 2000 and moved rapidly. Sanders unretired four years later, played two seasons in Baltimore before entering television.

3. Javon Walker (2008) - Six years, $ 55 million

The Oakland Raiders are the second biggest loser FreeAgent behind Washington. After an injury-plagued 2007 Denver, the Raiders have thrown the form of Mad Money Javon Walker. The wide receiver played the next two years in only 11 games and had a total of 15 outlets.

2. Nnamdi Asomugha (2011) - Five-year $ 60 million

Philadelphia Eagles have the greatest impact in 2011. They landed three-time Pro Bowl cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha of Oakland. The Eagles have hailed as a "dream team". The dream became a nightmare when Asomugha and the Eagles have won just 12 games over the next two seasons and could not make the playoffs.

1. Albert Haynesworth (2009) - Seven years $ 100 million

Congratulations, Washington. You win the prize of all the worst times of the free agent signing. The staggering contract for a defensive tackle in 20 games. It was out of shape, he took only 6.5 sacks and disappeared after two unsuccessful seasons.

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