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The 10 biggest losers in the NBA All-Time

Charlotte-Bobcats.jpg - Christian Petersen / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

Christian Petersen / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

I have a big change in the rules, if I have the Commissioner of nowhere. The playoffs would be the winners. It sounds fair? Unless begin the NBA Playoffs check playoff teams. The Milwaukee Bucks 41-41. Well, technically, they are not losers, but they are not good to earn. The Boston Celtics 40-42. Is it what the late Red Auerbach had in mind? Finally, 38-44 Brooklyn Nets.

Are you kidding? There oughta be a law. Of course, it will never happen, because Rule # 1 for the owners to make money at any cost is. Even if you have a lot of losers in their hands.

Consider the 10 biggest losers of the NBA all time. None of them made the playoffs.

# 10 Vancouver Grizzlies in 1999. There was a lock of the year and when they finally played, the Grizzlies managed to eight games in 50 0.160 win percentage win. Yet another 9 teams had worst winning percentages. Since 1999, the Vancouver Grizzlies went for Memphis and made a conclusion of the conference, which explored.

# 9 and # 8 We tie 1994 Dallas Mavericks and Atlanta Hawks in 2005. Both played a full 82-game schedule and achieved 13 wins each. The good news for bottom fish in this year, as Minnesota and the Knicks is that these teams have pretty well recovered. Six years later, the Mavericks won the NBA title. And while the Hawks did not do until the end of the conference they publish the best record this season in the Eastern Conference.

# 6 and # 7 Other Links 1987 LA Clippers and New Jersey Nets in 2010. Both clawed their way to 12 wins, a .146 winning percentage. Of course, since then, the Clippers have made a big change. You are now the best team in LA Although the Nets, the Brooklyn moves, are the best team in New York.

# 5 and # 4 Another Link! , 1993 Dallas Mavericks and Denver Nuggets in 1998 both had 11 victories; Winning percentage of .134 pounds Sterling. Therefore, the Mavericks two of the 10 worst records another title won. , Never won an ABA title, he's like the Nuggets, done not win the comfort in a NBA title. Last year the league in 1976, the final they did, where they lost Dr. J. Nets and New York.

# March 1948 Providence Steam Rollers not crush anybody. There were 6 and 42 for a winning percentage of 0.125. They set a record this season. Coach Nat Hickey played in one game, two days before 46 years old. It remains the oldest player in NBA history. After next season Steamrollers resolved.

# February 1973 Philadelphia 76ers. His record 9 and 73 was believed to be unbreakable. The Sixers gathered to reach 4 NBA Finals, all against the Lakers. Just 10 years after his ignominious season captured the NBA title.

No. 1 and worst of the worst? 2012 Charlotte Bobcats. 7-59 another lockout shortened season. A percentage of only 0.106 victories. Just two years later, the Bobcats have made the playoffs, but were swept by LeBron James and Miami in the first round. After this season, the Bobcats were the Hornets renamed.

So in summary lousiness can achieve the following results. NBA championship, franchise movements, changes of name or possible resolution. Hey. That's the way the basketball bounces.

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