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Looking for sporting perfection

Kentucky loss.jpg - Andy Lyons / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

Andy Lyons / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images

This was the year of Kentucky, until it does not. Instead final college basketball season ended 40-0 38-1. Kentucky unhappy fans rioted in the streets. Imperfection around. How rare perfection in the sport? Let me count the ways.

College Basketball

So now we are still waiting for a team of college basketball to run the table. He has not "passed since Indiana in 1976. The team was not perfect is driven by a man by far.

Bobby Knight and controversy have gone hand in hand. And it did not change the game? Kentucky Wildcats looked perfect with the "one and done" philosophy. Star player for the NBA bolted after his first year. Back in '76 Hoosiers were three seniors and out a bottom. As for the perfect game? Villanova played allegedly beat Georgetown in 1985 often seen as they shot 22-28 on the floor. Not quite perfect.

College Football

Not much is too perfect in college football. Do not play that many games. It was 15 times since 2000. In fact, happened, in 2004, the USC, Auburn and Utah all went undefeated.

Pro Football

Pro football is not the luxury of the University. There are a few scapegoats in the calendar. That's why no one from 1972 Miami Dolphins ran the table. For them it was 14-0. The only team that came near 2007 New England Patriots. But it took a ridiculous from a helmet in the Super Bowl, to make it 18-1.


Bowling defined "perfect game." 12 balls, 12 strikes.

As difficult as it is easier to achieve perfect game in any sport. In fact, twenty players have a perfect series played. These are 3,300 consecutive games.


I guess if "roll" your opponent can not be more perfect, unless of course, all the points you win. "Double Bagel" are not uncommon. But what tripled? There were at major tennis tournaments were five in history. The last was in 1993 at the French Open than the Spaniard Sergi Bruguera beat Thierry Champion 6-0, 6-0, 6-0.


Anyone who plays golf knows that there is no such thing as perfection. In the world of professional golf, 59 is the "Holy Grail". It has taken only six times on the PGA Tour and once Anika Sorenstam concubines. It was 58 in Japan. I suppose not leave someday someone Galaxy birdie every hole on a par 72 of 54. But it.

The Perfect 10

Perfection never came before the age of 14 Nadia Comaneci in gymnastics existed in 1976. She put a "perfect 10" in uneven bars, and were held before the Olympics '76, scored 6 10s best. Never happen again. They changed the points system, and now you can get do not sound the highest 17.


Of course, it is never the term "perfect game" oscillate most in baseball. No clues, no hits, no errors, no walks, no drummer life, nothing. It has to do only 23 times the only pitcher Don Larsen in the World Series in 1956. The vast majority of perfect games were better come since 1980 best pitching? Hitting the worst? In fact, it would have been 24 perfect games, but the first goal umpire Jim Joyce blew a call in 2010 on her perfect Armando Galarraga Detroit to rob.

In Numbers

Therefore quest for perfection, we have developed the following figures. 14-0, 300, 6-0, 6-0, 6-0, 59, 10 and 0-0-0. In sports, like life, it is an imperfect science.

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