Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Berman: & # 039; Top 10 & # 039; Sports nickname of all time

I have, that we heard the greatest nicknames in sports many times. Really? What about King (LeBron), Johnny Football (Manziel) and Air Jordan?

The truth is, not every great athlete a great nickname. Derek Jeter, though Mr. November was not bad, after winning a World Series game after midnight, 31st Oktober 2,001th

But what are the biggest sports nicknames of all time? I could limit my list to the typical Top 10, then here are my top 15 with an apology to the Splendid Splinter (Ted Williams) Sweetness (Walter Payton) and the flying tomato (snowboarder Shaun White).

Credit: (Photo by Marcus Ingram / Getty Images)

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