Monday, July 13, 2015

12 painful sports injuries

It was a week of mishaps of the athlete. First, the current British Open champion Rory McIlroy is, was eliminated from the tournament for a football accident. He played with his friends in the North Island, where a tendon in the ankle broke.

Then there is the defensive end for the New York Giants Jason Pierre-Paul. It exploded in his hands fireworks suffering would have serious burns and possible nerve damage.

He could not have come at a worse time. Pierre-Paul and the Giants were in the midst of contract negotiations. The team has launched a $ 60 million. Can you blame them?

McIlroy and Pierre-Paul are not to suffer strange injuries on the court the first athletes. Here you have the option Dirty Dozen several other major airlines.

Len Berman is a sports columnist for Sports It can be reached on Twitter: LenBermanSports

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